Production of face masks, coveralls and kneehigh bootcovers made of 100% spunbond (non-woven disposable textile) 


Article Number: 21201


Facial mask 100% Spunbond - 3 layers: 1st layer 40gr / sq.m, 2nd layer - 20 gr / sq.m and 3rd layer 

0g / sq.m with 2 ear bands.

Hand Washable - no spin-dry or ironing. Type 1


Article Number: 21203


Coveralls - 100% Spunbond, 1 layer with zipper, adhesive placket protecting the zipper from

getting wet, built-in single-layer mask which is an extension of the placket, elasticated at waist, wrists and ankles, integrated thumb loop to prevent sleeve riding up, integrated elasticated hood. Hand Washable - no spin-dry or ironing.

Water-resistant ISO 5. Laboratory tested for waterproof and air pass.


All suits are packaged individually in a nylon sealed envelope.



Article Number: 21204


Knee-high boot cover with ties - 100% spunbond 1 ply, double bottom ply 40gr.m